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Don’t Wait! The Benefits of Early Intervention for Speech Therapy

As a parent, you want your child to have the best (and brightest, see what I did there?) start in life. This includes ensuring that they have the ability to communicate effectively. As parents, we look forward to their first laughs and first words. But what happens when you notice that Johnny hasn’t said his first word yet? You wait a few months, and notice Johnny hasn’t really caught up like you thought he would. This is where early intervention in child speech therapy comes in.

What is Early Intervention in Child Speech Therapy?

Early intervention refers to the process of identifying and treating speech and language delays in children from birth to three years old. It involves working with a trained speech-language pathologist (SLP) to assess your child’s speech and language skills and provide appropriate therapy to help them overcome any difficulties, if any.

How is Early Intervention Helpful?

Early intervention speech therapy is crucial because it helps make progress towards achieving speech and language milestones and preventing potential difficulties (e.g., reading, behavior, social interaction) from occurring later on. Research has shown that children who receive early intervention services (as opposed to receiving services in later years) have better outcomes, including improved communication skills, social interaction and increased academic readiness.

What Should You Do as a Parent?

If you suspect that your child may have a speech or language delay, it is important to seek help early. Reach out to an SLP (hi!). The SLP will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine if your child demonstrates characteristics of a speech or language delay. If they do, the SLP will develop an individualized therapy plan to address their specific needs.

As a parent, you can also support your child’s speech and language development by implementing techniques your therapist uses. Also, it is important to attend all therapy sessions and be fully involved with the SLP to reinforce the skills learned during therapy.

Early intervention in child speech therapy is a vital tool for ensuring that children with speech and language delays receive the support they need to achieve milestones. As a parent, it is essential to be proactive in seeking help and supporting your child’s speech and language development at home. With early intervention and consistent therapy and support, children with speech and language delays can make progress.

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